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This is The Manifestation of Godly Bars.

Not that OTHER UNmighty bullshit that M-Gaytee aka "Little Piggy" put out under the guise of my Good Brother Canibus.
This is way Beyond ONE Person. This is an Overdue Movement.
Fuck Album of The Year.
This is The Album of History. Part 1 of a 9 Album Cycle.

This Time The Earth Will Be Impacted. - Walz

ALMIGHTY: The Solar Facts
Featuring - 'King Eric The III, 12 Gauge Phaze, The Godilla Jaguar Paw, Gilateen, Grey Granite, East Coast, Formaldahyde Dankenstein, Done One, Skewtape NYC, MyGrane McNastee, Faze Blue Légoon, Arsenal Hendrix, Freddie Bunz, Merc Versus, Kassius Kakes, Spit Raw, iCon The Mic King, L.I.F.E. Long, John Robinson, Jasiri X, Subtex, Sav Killz, Murdoc, Kimence, Ike P The God, Leeroy Destroy & Labal-S of BloodyMonkConsortium, Boss L, AFrican American Zombie Lawyer, Matisyahu & more


released December 25, 2013

Mixed by Probe Rok for Media Scheme
Lacerations by Naptown's Own DJ Spoolz
Mixed by Hybrid Grey for Room 5 Productions
Mastered By Hybrid Grey for Room 5 Productions
Track #2 Mixed by Es-K for Fish & Chips Ent.
Executive Producer: The Most High
SunCycle Ent. 2014©

King Eric The III,
12 Gauge Phaze,
The Godilla Jaguar Paw,
Grey Granite,
C-Rayz Walz,
Heretic Skeptic,
East Coast,
Formaldahyde Dankenstein,
Ragamuffin Rip,
Done One,
Shaz ILL York,
Skewtape NYC,
MyGrane McNastee,
Faze Blue Légoon,
Arsenal Hendrix,
Freddie Bunz,
Merc Versus,
Kassius Kakes,
Spit Raw,
iCon The Mic King,
Echo 1,
King Magnetic,
King Sol,
L.I.F.E. Long,
John Robinson,
Jasiri X,
Sav Killz,
Ike P The God,
Leeroy Destroy & Labal - S of BloodyMonkConsortium,
Boss L,
AFrican American Zombie Lawyer,
East Koast Lord Life,
Swave Sevah,
Iron Butterfly,
Tragedy Khadafi,
Nova Kane,
Maya Azucena,
Father Jah,
Sadat X,
Rebel Diaz,
Elohem Star,
YedidYah Ben Scion,
Reef The Lost Cauze,
Jaecyn Bane,
Pope Adrian Bless,
Apaulo Treed,
Atari Blitzkrieg,
Apani B Fly Mc,
Double AB,
Ace Gauntlit,
Ace One,

Charlie G,
Kentron The Mastodon,
Lex Luger,
Ace Gauntlit &
J Beatz



all rights reserved


C-Rayz Walz Bronx, New York

WHO: The charismatic NYC-mainstay Mc C-RAYZ WALZ. Lauded as one of the most Versatile & Dexterous Freestylers on The Planet. This prolific artist is more than a musician, poet, and stage-wrecker – he has written two books and one screenplay and dips his fingers into the visual arts as well. Walz is about New Music, New Energy & New Chances to do Great things for The Culture he Lives! ... more

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Track Name: GEE-CHEE feat. King Eric III, C-Rayz Walz, 12 Gauge Phaze, Godilla Jaguar Paw, Gillateen, Grey Granite, GMS & Grandmaster Caz feat. Cutz by DJ Spoolz
Yo G
You give Cocks a Lick
Call Cops & Snitch
Slip a Dick up ya Ass
It won't stop shit you Bitch
My G's
Pound out Beat Street
I can't stop tho
In The Words of P-D

Yo Bitch Ass Ness
Is Made for TV
Weak Trick
You can eat my Dick For 3 G's

Ya Clones
May raid my page But BC
Is a 12 Gauge Phaze w/ Rayz on GP

Still Keep Gilateens like Charlie
And JP
The Godilla Like GMC

Fitted Cap vs Riddick Black
Seven & Hell
King King to The God's
My Team Add and Excel

Excuses are tools of the incompetent/
Building monuments of Nothingness/
I believe you know not who you’re fuckin' with!/
Say something slick?/
Get snuffed with a Stronghold fist/
Spread Plague, sick enough to annihilate inoculates/
So know your History before you speak/
Heads of HYDRA freestyle from the start to the End of the Weak/
But I’m not tryin’ to fight you/
I’m only tryin’ lead you out the Cave to See rays of the sun’s cycle/
You want the Truth? then watch me, and Copy/
Role Model - like you got 2 dads - Robert Kiasaki/
Rich One, Poor One, Drop Gems on Orphans/
Cut you off/
Circumcise the flow/ hand you the foreskin/
Its a blessin'/
Just to cypher w GMS, when/
No matter what he spit/
You gon' leave with some type of lesson/
Whoever testin'/
Forget 'clips/ Bring extra weapons/
“MCMI” Forever Rise like effervescence/
Track Name: EPICOPOLIS (Es-K Mix) feat. C-Rayz Walz, Heretic Skeptic, East Coast, Formaldahyde Dankenstein, Ragamuffin Rip, Done One, Shaz ILLyork, 12 Gauge Phaze, SkrewTape, Gillateen & more
I'm an ALMIGHTY Monster
After I Bust
I 'll Snuff and Stomp Ya
News for ya Fake Ass Crew
Who's Touching Blanca?

You wack pussy Trick
My dick to ya lips a Pefect Fit
Ya Bitch Twirkin
My Click Cool Herc'n Hits
Catch You Naked
Load The Fif
Then Smoke the Strip
You get it?
No Homo

But you define what Homo is
Reverse ya Polarity
Yeah you a Fuckin Bitch!

You wanna be Zimmerman
Go head and Perk ya Tits
You from the Army
Then The Zip'll be a Perfect Fit

No Condolences
I'm Cold as Shit
But ain't shit Cold but the Records that my Homie's Mixing
Show me a Calm Face and Do What The God Say
Cuz If I Lose my Cool it's Pompei

Slam ya head into a Tree
Ya Face'll be Palmed into it
You'll Evolve Into Twigs
The Gods Infinite

I attract money blow stacks and act funny/
I just wanna make hood rat raps wit my buddies/ (Yeah)
Send em back bloody nothin that you ever seen/ (Nah)
Fuckin G tuck a piece in my dungarees/ (Click Black)
The sket packer the chest cracker the best rapper/
No defense break a leg off ya best tackler/ (Bitch)
Not a giver of fucks Philly is nuts/
Killin these schmucks/
Untill I got a billion buck/ What?!
I got a drug habbit/
Thats above average/
Hold ya seed hostage pull em out ya cunts carriage/
I want ransom/
I demand some/
They describe him/
He's tall fat and handsome/
Who wanna box with the big bully/
Spit fullies/
Nicer wit the hands but I land em when the blick pullyed/
I don't think twice I'm the sick type/
I know a fucker wont like me much but his bitch might/


You're telling fairy tales of Common Wealth/
Rubber band flipping Stacks/
Major Weight/
Wait your times Up/
Hit the Scale/
Yes I'm the best in the League/
Music motivation over Money Making/
Committed to making Dreams a Reality/
I run with the Sickest Team/
No we cant be seen/
Raw like uncut Coke/
Dope track track runner/
Say what?/
I'm not buying what you're selling/
I'm what your trying to be/
At the top/
Searching for a piece of mind/
What'cha talking about/
This is my 9 to 5/
Arizona's my home/
Maryvale's the block that raised me/
Affiliated since i was knee high/
Repping TSOI/
Paid dues, theres no need to lie/
Tour dates/
Tour bus/
Toured up from state to state/
My crew cant be denied/
INVISIBLES till the day that i DIE!!!!!!/

We don't cause trouble we don't bother nobody
I'm lying get them hands up pussy this a robbery
claiming u a big dog but u don't look that vicious
beef I slow marinate and cook that brisket
my first girlfriend called giving head takin pictures
keep wildin ill start my own photo album where ur bitch live
Mary Jane's the cheba cheba and cocaina I like to call that bitch Lolita
clean and serene couple drinks c da outcome
bump or blunt
I'm caught up in the middle like malcom
birds from Atlanta like to call them falcons
gotta love a g that keep a couple p's wen the drought come
12 gauge phaze know I'm packing the gun
so I can c Wats in ur wallet like capital one
fuck folgers
best part a waking up a vanilla dutch
so wen I c my p.o. I burn a hole in the cup...what's up?

Blow the horse radish in a 4matic/
3rd eye panoramic off the organic/
Aw damn it, yall landed on the wrong planet/
North Camden, to Bronx, Philly, we authentic/
All IN it... OUT shining with no ice/
Cold nights, stole bikes, Named my own price/
No dice, I'm so nice, they throw rice/
The game? My ho wife... Fucking up my whole life/
I kept the Cider in the cup/
Felt Spiders in my Blood so I Light another Blunt like/
I give a Fuck if your Rifle in the Truck/
You a lover not a Fighter, I'mma fight for what I love/
That's Life, in the Tuck... wit a Dutch and a Lighter/
You the type to get a buzz, and go cipher with the Fuzz/
They like it when I bug like a slug on Bathsalts/
To bash yall mics and get right before I blast off!/

360 Sun Cycle is the light source/
I rip the fabric of the universe and time warps/
My divine force is Sirius B, white dwarf/
Like the death of stars and the arrest of Malachi York/
You on lovers' lane, I'm on the motherplane/
Rockin' a mohawk like I'm the son of James Clubber Lang/
Now you trapped in the Mouth of Madness, Sutter Cane/
Where bloodsuckers' fangs draw innocent blood from veins/
You all believe in false teachings, ain't it crazy?/
Like nurses stickin' pins in the head of the Angel Baby/
Or a Ritalin prescription ADHD/
Psychiatrist incinerated in the flames of Hades/

80 Levels of Shady/
When Suns Disobey me/
And Become Prodical/
Logical Thoughts Start Fading/
   Replaced by Hatred, Jealousy, Lust & Greed
And they Believe/
These are ALMIGHTY Things!

My flow is on point / Like directions from a deaf dude/
Shadow box with devils/ I'm a rebel with an attitude/
Meltin microphones/ Right down to the wire/
Bout to change my fuckin name/ From SpitRaw to spit FIREEEE/
Mean mug ya Grandma/ Slap ya fuckin Grandpa/
Crippler cross face bars/ I'm the rap Chris Benoit!/
Blackin out on instrumentals/ Have u shakin in ya britches/
Descendant of a penman/ You are witnessing ascension/
If I write it then I spoke it/ If I speak it then I lived it/
When I spit it in the booth/ Guarantee u see the vision/
Cuz the point of my pen/ Is the eye and the witness/
When you hear it/ You will feel it Have you chattering ya Dentures/
Pensive wit a pencil/ Wicked with The Mentals/
I handcraft bars/ While y'all tracing with a stencil/
I'm a quintessential vandal/ Wit unlimited potential/
Johnny 5 ass niggas/ Fuck around get disassembled/
Track Name: THE ALMIGHTY KINGS (The A.K.'s) feat. C-Rayz Walz, King Eric III, Heretic Skeptic (Monster King Syndicate), 12 Gauge Phaze (Kings County), King Magnetic, iCon The Mic King, Echo 1 (Kings Link) & King Sol Prod. by Kentron The Mastodon
Senseless robberies wat we use to do for fun
ignorance is bliss putting the 2 b4 the 1
use to scream m.o.e like I do this for the funds
then the dollars never come I guess I do this for my suns
This is powerful music
blowing up land mines wit secondary fuses
east new York to Aberdeen
world's ours
48 laws of power
Robert Greene
Se, we all officials
soldiers mean sold ya green
disposable whistles
callicko c Wats the rotary clip do
turn u pitbulls into shitzu
food for thought
That's something to keep in mind
light barz so now ya broads my concubine
bullyfoot lord of the flies the conch mines
art of war post my flag behind enemy lines
and put a monkey wrench in ur assembly line
heaven sent borndate 2 days after December 25
c rayz 12 gauge phase
this movements in the makin so any place anytime lets get it shakin
Track Name: STIMULI (I'm Ready) feat. L.I.F.E. Long, C-Rayz Walz, John Robinson & Jasiri X Prod. by Kentron The Mastodon
He keeps it Ital because its vital/
Can fall victim to the wicked system cycle,
Meditate blow steam,
Medicate blow green,
No pollution of the mind god, Go Green!
Build a team of A-Alikes around the Global,
And go back to the Scienz and all the lesson we told you!
I'm hopeful, I spoke to so many in this time,
Of course we paint pictures wit these Rhymes,
So vivid wit designs,
So Optimistic in his Prime,
Realistic, kickin ballistics forever Shine!
Immortal what we saw true, the catalogs the offering
Watch when we fall Thru!/
We bringing all new!/
And then we'll take it back to move forward/
I'm ready to live my life like the Chorus!/
I been Living but the Science is Elevation,
It's JR, Walz & Life
The Awakening,
Track Name: THE SAGA (PTG 3) feat. C-Rayz Walz, Formaldahyde Dankenstein, Subtex & Sav Killz w/ Cuts by Drew Dollars Prod. by Kentron The Mastodon
We aboard the motherships/ Manuever circula whips/
Ancient scripts hieroglyphs/ Zoids turned you to Gifs/
And if yah dont know the math then yah won't get the gist/
Why they still search the skys for which that dont exist/
And we deal in Equality I'm God in yah mist/
With a Sword thru yah head you my son you at risk/
Acting worser then them pigs with that stop and frisk/
Brain 71/2 yours stop at 6/
32 so they frozen infinite we flowing/
Got you scared to death like spirits who seen floating/
Yakub's mastered cloning religious spooks and omens/
Make you believe things like wizards, witches and potions/
Won't hesitate to throw you at Sea buried in Oceans/
Weather storms controlling catastrophic Explosions/
GMO's they growing/ The government controlling/
All drugs in the hood flown in flown in flown in/
Track Name: EVERLASTING SCARS (Rewounded Mix) feat. Murdoc, Merc Versus, C-Rayz Walz, Formaldahyde Dankenstein, Kimence, Ike P The God, Spit Raw, Leeroy Destroy & Labal-S of Bloody Monk Consortium
Heard somebody say you like to Snake for the Rhyme/
With the Venom in your bite this behavior will never Slide/
Have a Message from Fedx to Wilson/
I feel somethin building up, this shield is undone Son/
Raised Walls from the Truth seems a Little Loose/ 
Cant Fude that that this track is for you/
So Thievin industry Demons represent the 666/ 
In the life we Breathen/
No justified Reason/


I get a fever whilst in ur presence/ 
Push that Lever cos im leaving with Lessons/ 
The Resin of the field the toxic Revealed/
Joker with mask is always concealed now/
Score is settled, Pure Contentment/ 
In knowing true colours will bring the Evidence/
Words speak the measurements and actions Conclude/ 
Now leaving u with the better sense in Truth!/

The only A&R I need is a 15/
Hollow tips from my lips when I spit 16's…
And I rip shit clean when my trigger finger squeeze/
On a felt tipped pen and the bitch starts bleed-in/
I turn dreams into nightmares/ You wont wake up thats a Guarantee!
I'm from New Orleans! /
I got goons that got goons no Plies put pliers on ya spleen/
I apply pressure to ya heart and ya cerebellum/
Both get shitted from ya muthafuckin rectum/
I SpitRaw that's the name and objective/
I'll steal a rappers wife/ Fuck his chain and his necklace/
Insane and i'm reckless/
Check this… I'll walk inside Def Jam/
And slap the Receptionist/
So What u think I wont do to a fuckin A&R/
When I get signed better hire body guards!/
I body Gods/
I'll stab you in the face in ya beauty mark and leave an ungodly scar/
Detach body parts leave em on different continents/
I'm on some other shit/I
Spit death and dishonor, bitch/
When I jump on a track? It's a guaranteed homicide.
I'm evil personified when me and a mic collides…
Sayōnara, i have reached nirvana
I Rip flesh swift like an overgrown piranha…
Track Name: MY BABY (Dad Life Mix) feat. Q-Unique, Wordsworth, C-Rayz Walz, Merc Versus, MyGrane McNastee, Boss L, Kimence & East Koast Lord Life w/ Cuts by DJ Spoolz
Never in our life can our position be so sure/
Staring in your eyes, can my intentions be so pure?/
Visions of success while i'm grippin on my chest/
Heart jumping out my socket from a life so blessed, (so blessed)/
It's nothing,/
I want a life no stress, (no stress)/
Countin up the money, feelin like i'm so fresh, (so fresh)/
Lookin to the skies with my mind on a jet/
And the only thing i know is I'm not there yet, (not yet)/
The mind of a coward or the heartbeat of a
The simple separation from your place upon the land/
Either you stand and Fight/
Either you fold your Hand/
Now the coward can't Survive/
So the man can't stand/
So with my honor, Right Hand, (Right Hand)/
I'm guided by the Light Man, (Light Man)/
Upon my future i'll stand/
It's got me livin right man/

Hold up! A Message for my one and only/
The one that knows me, where I turn when I'm Lonely/
No limits never dim it Just Grow/     
The vision simmering now driven cos I'm risen in my Zone/
It's a...
Long time late nights spent together/
Endeavor Political, Spiritual, Lyrical Treasure/
Never measure the Rise/
We just aim for the Sky/
Now together, All I need is this one Mic!/
Track Name: GORILLA BUMPS feat. DJ Spoolz Prod. by Lex Luger of Bloody Monk Consortium
Speed Knots
Track Name: MOVE ON feat. Freddie Bunz, C-Rayz Walz, African American Zombie Lawyer & Matisyahu Prod. by Kentron The Mastodon
Once upon a broken neck I nearly died and it was frightenin'/
Contemplating a legacy that I am gonna be leavin' behind me/
The blood love to trickle in a tickle thanks to Gravity/
But any time I bleed I tend to do some Unraveling/
Growing in the soil of an undigested Youth/
Left me pondering the value of the Truth/
And if all I ever had was a Booth/
Well, then a casket? That ain't so fuckin' Bad/
I mean the Flesh is of the Root/
Pointin' to the sky in a momentary Clarity/
I split my beatin' heart open for Charity/
And everything I've learned until July/
Could be a lie, but who gets to choose a better way to Die?/
You and I?/ (And I fly)
Among the careless and the Formal/
But the horror tied my ankles to abnormal as I slip into her Noose/
A murmur of her heart to fuelThe Canvas/
We are but ramblers who MOVE ON to handle Mantles/
Track Name: EAGLE'S CLAW feat. Godilla Jaguar Paw, Afu-Ra, Sav Killz, MyGrane McNastee, East Koast Lord Life, Swave Sevah, MyGrane McNastee, Iron Butterfly & C-Rayz Walz Prod. by Charlie G

Grappling joint locking/
Take downs is shocking/
Often we shadow boxing/
Niggaz aint out rocking/
No 52/
No blocking/
Trample you like a Oxen/
Losing it aint a Option/
Unusual mix Concoctions/
Sly we out fox EM/
Deadly just like a toxin/
No others they cant Stop them/
Not even it like if they pop em/
Cee-Ciphers wanna knock em/
Razor blade em and ox em/
Hot in the streets so Cop him/
Attribute Patriotic/
Bars get Dark and Gothic/
So see with My Third my Optic/
The God U unload and Lock it/
Seen it before it happen my nigga/
Just like a Profit/


Actions Speak Louder Than Words.
Track Name: T.I.T.H. (Thieves In The Hallway) feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Nova Kane & C-Rayz Walz Prod. by Ace Gauntlit

The Slow Stroke/
Make a Turtle Seem Anxious/
This Hot Lead is off the wall w/o The Paint Chips/
Fresh Off The Press Like/
Triger Finger Placement/
About the Night/
But first/
Here's where the Day went/
Never catch the God on that Next 48 script/
New Testament/
My Bar Code never Basic/
Digibox Spaceship/
Idols just fell out the Sky/
85 Still Wondering Why/
Crackhead Hit a Jump Shop/
Y fell out on the Bench Dying/
A Metephor for Murder is Meaningless/
Come Back Again and Never See The Kid/
For that Sand Paper/
That make ya Hands Ache/
That's that Man's Favor for The Flavorful Landscapes/
Props Knock ya Man Chest up/
From Manchester/
My Rap Very Exact and Stacked Heavy/ Plus/
Guess What/
My Shaq Berry/ Don't Crack/
I'm Black Heady/
I Don't Give a Damn/
My Tracks Crack Levey's/
Sun be Shining/
Hungry Lions I feed/
Give Birth to Trees/
To regain my speed/
Unconditional Love/
To The Ones in need/
True Grace upon thee/
I erase what bleeds/
Fill my Heart/
The Empty is too Heavy to Breed/ Too Heavy to Breathe/
A True Seven to See/
A New Collection of Feet/
For Who stepping to Me/
Chessboard Strategies/
W/ Felons & Thieves/
Track Name: BEYOND AFTERLIFE REVOLUTIONARY STATUS ( B.A.R.S.) feat. C-Rayz Walz & Rebel Diaz Prod. by Kentron The Mastodon
C-Rayz Walz Verse
Cosmically through your Actions you......…./
Invite Death Humble/
You'll go and then you'll come to/
See Everything done in life /
Just can't Undo/
Even in Death/
You still obsessed w/ Greed/
You'll never have an Almighty Legacy/
No Matter how much Lessons you Read/
(Too Late.....Too Late)
Ya Funeral Wack/
No Promotion for that/ (Nope!)
Nobody came to pay respects too an Mc that's Wack/ (Nah)
Dead to the world/
A Hologram only you believe in/
Celebration of your Death/
You still live in Deceivement/ (Damn)
How Ironic you can't believe it/ (I can't Believe it!)
Silly Muthafucka/
You was living a Lie/
So when they said you were dead/
You forgot it was Live/
Shed ya Skin/
And Looked for a Backdoor to Slide/
You'll Never Shine now my Sun/
You Bleak/
There is no second coming/
This is an Eternal Sleep/
Like a Connection to YOU (devil)/
Could be Benefit ME (GOD)/
Reverse Ya Polarity/
Ya Breath is the Soundtrack to Weakness/

I knew you was a Snitch/
But now You wanna be Herb & Sucker/
MC Jake/
You work w/ Police/
They Went in w/ a Lie/
Got Mad the Truth Came out/
What goes up comes down/
Yeah....I know the same route/
As a Claim to Fame/
You got Plaques & Deeds/
No Justice No Peace/


I knew you was a Snitch/
But now You wanna be Herb & Sucker/
MC Jake/
You work w/ Police/
They Went in w/ a Lie/
Got Mad the Truth Came out/
What goes up comes down/
Yeah....I know the same route/
These are Burial Bars/
The Type you Can't Delete/
This is War May you Rest In Peace/
It's all Love Right?/

G1 Verse

I knew you was a Snitch/
But now You wanna be Herb & Sucker/
MC Jake/
You work w/ Police/
As a Claim to Fame/
You got Plaques & Deeds/
Almighty Huh?/
No Justice No Peace/
These are Burial Bars/
The Type you Can't Delete/
This is War May you Rest In Peace/
It's all Love Right?/
Track Name: OMNIPOTENT feat. Formaldahyde Dankenstein, Anonamix of Evil Intentions & C-Rayz Walz Prod by J-Beat of Neckbreakers

I'm Omnipotent/
Bars is Carnivorous/
Psalms that Bomb Witnesses/
Calm my Squad Rippin it Different/
Insignificant Broads in Thongs getting it on/
Put a Dick in ya Moms And Spawn Ignorance/
I'm Augmenting the Form of Bar Bickering/
Barbarians & Barbiturates VS
Slow Minded
Deaf, Dumb & Blind
Hemeridging Swine
Odd isn't it?
My Squad Just Visions the Bars
It's Omnipotent

I'm everywhere at once/
But My Jumps Beyond Vision Sprints/
Implements of my Time are Sublime Life Supplements/
My Sentences of Are Stimulants & Sentiments of Cencored Phlegm/
Then Again/
I Think like I'm thinking a Thought before I finish it/
I'm Bugged Out/
The Orkin Man won't mention Him/
Insignificant trick/
I'll run in ya Crib w/ 6 Immigrants who ain't looking for shit but fish Dinners w/ Clips and then..... (2 SHOTS)

Arguments will End w/ a One Size Fits All Leather Garment w/ zips in it/
It's a Harmlesss Instrument to Cover Bodies & Hide the Stench & Shit/
Too many people's noses are Sensitive/
(And I get it)
You're Charming and a Kool Guy/
Which makes you about as useful as a Fukin FruitFly/
Psalms Revenging The Cut/
Str8 Truth Scary Thru Doubt/
Ya Prom Ending in Blood/
They will Carrie you out/
Track Name: M.A.N.S.T.A.H. (Matthew's Almighty Notions Serve Tricknology And Hatred) feat. C-Rayz Walz, Jaecyn Bane & Kassius Kakes Prod. by Kentron The Mastodon
Creeping thru the Cascade/
And the Current Mood of my Terrible Tune is Blast Rayz/
You will Embrace a Great Fate/
Till Infinity, I will not wait/
Spark the Wild Nuggets and Bark/
Clap MATT in his Back/
Then MARKOFF w/ a Dart/
You in Write Rhyme Slump from The Start/
Conscious Garbage/
Godless Gossip/
Bear Traps, Bomb Jack & Frauders/
Jerkin Gods for The Green Like Guatemala/
My whole Theme is Honor/
But Honestly, Horribly I am Really Monster/
Snipes and Banners/
Stabs & Static/
If you wack and you Rappin/
I'm Releasing The Kraken & Clappin/
Flippin The Script on Ya ALMIGHTY Actin/
Track Name: 21. THE A-ALIKE-ATHON (Atomic Math) feat. Agallah, Afu-Ra, Pope Adrian Bless, Arsenal Hendrix, Apaulo Treed, Atari Blitzkrieg, AMiAM, Apani B-Fly Mc, C-Rayz Walz, Double AB, Akrobatik, Akir, A-Butta, Ace Gauntlit, Asia, A-Plus & Ace Won, w/ Cuts by DJ Spoolz Prod. by Absolute
My construct is the alfa and Omega/
I shed light on the peasants and Beggars/
Wonder the streets at night looking for Saviors/
Confronted by the devil and beasts of that Nature/
Shadows never even exist in total Darkness/
Clam that we live civilized but still we Heartless/
Dangerous look in they eyes as if the Godless/
Determined to hate and despise and thats Regardless/
of consequence, evidence, its all irrelevant heaven Sent/
I thought we had a black President/
Represent for our people and our Culture/
Be true to you're self or be food for the Vultures/

C-Rayz Walz
A For The Ancestors
Aztecs in Attica
Atomic Math
I​ s​​tashed Artifacts In Africa​/ The Audactity of Aura/ Analog Assassins Adjacent to Allah/ In Acid Washed Order/​ Absolute Artform/ All I Author's Aweome/ Another Assault/ My Alliance Absorbs the Blast often/ Breakdancing w/ Battering Rams on Black Coffins/ Y-Equal/ I'm Gathering Hands for That Crossing/ My Astral Antics/ Activate Air & Rare Acid/ Ya Adams Apple'd/ Showing ya Asses for​​​ Assets/ Same as Shitting on the Ancestors Ashes/ Here's Acid/ In the Face of you Authentic Actors/​

Thru an ADDmifying Glass/
My Condition of Craft is Atomic Math in The Lab w/ Tesseracts & Tracks/ C-Rayz!/
The Walz Close in like a Lens Cramp/
Get The Picture/
My Pinto Peaks The Temple and Scratches/
The Instrumental Leaks/ I Speak for Beans/ Trapped in.........
Einstein's Weekly/
C MC's Scared/
When They Peep The Degrees/ I'll Be Right There!

After A-Butta
Know The Names or see flames/
I throw Airplanes at you/
Turn Bitch Niggas into Lois Lane Statues/
Decapitation Doctor/
Ya Wisdom off The Head often/
You Spit Sick?/
That's Myth when you Coughin/
Now Let's see if this fits/
Let's get in this Coffin/
I Drift in Distortion/ Exist in 6 Portions of Brain/
So you can't maintain The Gods Thought Spins/
Octane, Nova Kane/
And Propane Portraits/
Track Name: 21. THE A-ALIKE-ATHON feat. Ace Gauntlit, Asia, C-Rayz Walz, A-Plus, C-Rayz Walz & Ace Won w/ Cuts by DJ Spoolz Prod. by Absolute
Damn A u spittin/
Man I swear its like the Ethers/
The way you elevate I swear I hear your soul through the speaker/
Yea Im bout that life, lyrics is trife/
And you can fuck around and loose your life roll of the dice/
Spaceship gladiator plus tridimensional/
Alike drop them bars hitting your temple/
And I been spraying since the days of the Ancients/
Who would of thought nigga that one day that you could save it/
Thought nigga that one day/
That you could shape it/
Dumb niggas fuck shit up/
They tried to cave it/
Crown stay illuminated/
Jewels dangle with me/
We Be Alike Nigga, Hear the Symphony?

Daddy Kane chemistry/ Craig G Energy/
G Rap Memory Chip w/ Clip Melody/
Masta Ace Cut ya Deck & wreck Optics/
Atomic Juice Blast The Math/
Ya Crew Toxic!

Sly Foxes/
Trot a Grim Reap Feet Tote/
The Prose is Moses/
My A-Alike keep Flo/
Scope thru ya Peep Hole/
Sun Strike Leak Slow/
Light through The Dark Like a Scene from Creep Show!/